Woman talks :D

Once in a month I enter “Parents’ club” at Forum.ge, look at children’s pics and read pregnancy stories.

That’s a sure way to tell, that my period is near :D

I’m such a mother… Once in a month :D

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6 Responses to Woman talks :D

  1. Toto ამბობს:

    Why English? :S

  2. Toto ამბობს:

    Why English? :S What’s wrong with Georgian? :P

  3. mamagong ამბობს:

    nahh I do that nearly every week and afterwards I get depressed (how do you say ვიგრუზები?)

  4. piccolina ამბობს:

    you’re such a woman :D

  5. k84u ამბობს:

    I thought, that I was the only person, who was reading and watching all these pictures and stories…
    Why did you write “Once in a month” at the end of the story??? :D
    you… DuDe!

  6. dodka ამბობს:

    @Toto why და ქართულად იდიოტურად ჟღერს “თვიურიც”, “მენსტრუაციაც”, “ციკლიც” და ა.შ :დ

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