Adam and Eve

ერთ-ერთ “საოჯახო” ბლოგზე ვიპოვე – მიზეზები, თუ რატომ ჰქონდათ ადამს და ევას იდეალური ოჯახი :D

Reasons why Adam & Eve had the perfect marriage…

  • Eve never had to hear Adam talk about how good his mom cooked.

  • Eve never had to question Adam’s faithfulness and ask, “Are you sure there’s no one else?”
  • Adam never lied when he told Eve she was the best looking woman in the whole world.

  • Adam never went off fishing with his buddies.

  • Adam never had to hear about all the men Eve could have married.

  • Eve didn’t need to clothes shop.

  • Adam believed Eve when she looked him in the eyes and said, “You know you’re the only one for me?”

  • Adam never had to answer the age old question that gets all men in trouble, “Honey, do I look fat in this fig leaf?”

  • Adam didn’t have to pay for a different pair of shoes for every outfit Eve owned.
  • Eve didn’t have to iron.
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One Response to Adam and Eve

  1. Sweet Baby Girl ამბობს:

    ომგ რა მაგარია მეც დავბლოგავ ამას :)))))))))))

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