Swirve Personality Test

On the Swirve Personality Test, I am a Counselor.
My Characteristics Chart:

Extroverted Introverted
Sensitive Intuitive
Judgemental Perceptive
Thinker Feeler

Read more about Counselors or take the Test yourself!

მუდამ ვიცოდი, რომ ჩემში რაღაც ამოუცნობი, იდუმალი, ზეციური იყო… :D

About Counselors

Counselors are both rare and unique. You have a deep understanding of others and can read people as well as anyone. Sometimes, you’re not even sure how you do it. You’re almost psychic! Your ability to understand what others are going through makes you a trusted friend and the person that people love to confide in when things aren’t well. Your friends consider you a very important part of their lives.

While others are more than willing to open up to you, you’re not quite so outgoing about your own life, and oftentimes, you may not even want to hear about others’. You are an incredibly emotional person — Counselors are maybe the most emotional of the bunch — and hearing about others in pain causes you pain. For that reason, you can at times shy away from contact and interaction to maintain your own stability.

When at your best, you can make a huge impact in people’s lives by supporting them through tough times. You also tend to be influential with your friends because of perceived depth of your understanding of others. If you’re in need of money, feel free to use your near-psychic abilities to start a 1-800 Psychic Hotline.

Possible Careers: Therapist, Tutor

Our resident Swirvologist, Lisa, also has her own opinions of Counselors…

You are quietly forceful, original, and sensitive. You tend to stick to things until they are done. You are extremely perceptive about people, and you care a great deal for those around you. You have a well-developed value system which you follow very strictly.

People value your perseverence in always doing the right thing. You prefer to be an individual, rather than a leader or follower. I really have no response other than to say that you may very well be the next messiah. Quick — see if you can turn that water into wine!

Possible Career: Fortune Teller

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