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Where can I buy a slave?
I saw a movie with all these Chinese people coming over in a cargo boat. They were coming over to be slaves for a few years in return for their travel expenses. I gotta get me one of those.

* * *

Best AnswerChosen by  Asker
You can get anything on Ebay. I should have thought of that. I can probably get a whip while I’m there.
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Dude we’re living in the year of 2006 not 1756! The slavery doesn’t exist anymore!
* * *

There’s still an active slave-trade in Sub-Saharan Africa.
* * *

You can find one in Wal-Mart.
* * *

I want to buy you as a slave.

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2 Responses to Yahoo answers!

  1. მარ ამბობს:

    როგორ მაინტერესებს რას ნიშნავს სიტყვა DUDE!

    ძალიან პირდაპირ…

  2. kid ამბობს:

    DUDE რას ნიშნავს ნახე აქ:

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